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Zanzibar and Jambiani in particular, is the place where we have lived in these years, the place where it all began.

The passion for travel, interior design, craftsmanship and African art has allowed us to collect objects, fabrics, furnishings that we wanted to bring together in Joyà villa, where each room has a unique and personal taste.

Our experience in hotel hospitality has instead led us to try to create an intimate place with a lot of privacy, with an attentive and personalized service, a place suitable for relaxation, where to find slow rhythms in contact with the surrounding nature and the village of Jambiani.

For us, true luxury is time, time to think, to reflect, to meditate, to understand, to change, to discover. Time to find balance and stability in oneself, time for find the energy to dedicate to those we love.

This is what we hope you can find at Joyà.


A warm welcome is part of the Joyà Villa philosophy. 

Our English-speaking staff are local people, each carefully chosen to deliver faultless service, with attention to detail and genuine warmth. The Zanzibari are renowned for their generous spirit and kind-hearted nature.

Whether you’re planning a romantic holiday or a gathering of friends, the private suites or whole Joyà villa in Jambiani will make you feel instantly at home.


Every guest is special, this is why we want to offer you the most personalized experience possible.


Joyà is not a simple holiday villa, Joyà offers you a complete staff to pamper you in every moment of your holiday.

Anthony & Charles

will take care of serving all the meals and drinks, decide with them where and when. Breakfast on the terrace? Poolside dinner? An aperitif in the solarium? This is our in house service, in a discreet way you will always have someone who will take care of making your stay truly special.

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