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Great care in the selection of ingredients and our preference in using local products allow us to offer dishes of the highest quality, promoting the territory at the same time. Breakfast is included and “a la carte” menu with a wide variety of dishes is available for lunch and dinner.


Spices are a thing of legends and lore.

The scent of cinnamon once wafted through the tombs of ancient Egypt. Cardamom lured explorers onto perilous voyages across the seven seas. Coriander was prized as an aphrodisiac during Arabian nights. Daring spice pirates risked life and limb to steal cloves. And pepper was more precious than gold.

Over the centuries trade winds have blown traders and merchants onto the dreamy shores of Zanzibar and brought with them these precious spices and the exotic flavors of faraway worlds.

Zanzibari culture is deeply intertwined with spices and nowhere is it more noticeable than in the dishes that make up the food of Zanzibar.

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